Your skin has two layers, the outside layer is called the epidermis and acts as a protective barrier. The inner layer is called the dermis, and provides structural support to the outer layer and keeps your skin looking firm and tight. Fractional Co2 laser stimulates the collagen and triggers new skin cell turnover.Fractional Co2 laser is typically used to aid wrinkles, blotchiness, and age spots. We are proud to offer fractional Co2 laser in all eight of our locations around Richmond, Virginia.

The Co2 laser is a carbon dioxide laser that is used in skin resurfacing. This is very similar to a chemical peel and dermabrasion except that the laser will remove skin layers by vaporization rather than with chemicals or a sanding device. We are able to treat your entire face or just specific areas. As people age, the skin in the lower eyelid area becomes loose. Fractional Co2 laser will tighten that specific skin.

Fractional Co2 laser will remove the layers of your skin tissue in a fractionated method to help reduce your age-spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and so much more. These columns of the skin are removed, leaving your skin surrounding the columns with healing.

During a private consultation, we will determine if the fractional Co2 laser is right for you. Characteristics of your skin such as thickness and texture may influence whether you are a good candidate. At this time, we will go through the treatment with you and talk about the results that you can expect. We will also answer any questions that you have so that you feel confident with your decision.

The entire staff at Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery will provide you with a great experience. We are always gentle and will do everything that we can to help you achieve the outcome you are looking for. We understand the side effects of aging and will work with you to achieve a younger and more youthful appearance.

We want to help you reach your goals! If you have any questions regarding fractional Co2 laser, we will be happy to sit down with you during a private consultation and answer them. Contact us today at (804) 484-3700.

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